Split Toe Summer

A cozy, flexible sneaker that feels like an extension of your foot.


Knit tabis built for extreme comfort using responsibly sourced materials.

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I honestly forgot how the floor felt after the first day and I was disgusted. I want to wear these 24/7!

Alexander K customer review

This is the only shoe I’ve ever immediately put on and fallen asleep wearing

Hannah J. customer review

These are everyday comfortable, I almost forgot to take them off before bed 😌🖤

Khris J Customer Review

Tabi Sneakers

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"Crafted from yarn sourced from a mill that specializes in natural and traceable products, the shoes are designed from the ground up with consciousness in mind."

“ILYSM turns the entire concept of a creative brand on its head. And it’s made a fittingly unconventional debut: a sustainable Tabi-inspired sneaker offered at an affordable price point.”

"While most brands generally create product, before then spending time, money, energy, and talent on marketing that product, ILYSM is rooted in supporting emerging and up-and-coming artists."

"The responsible shoe brand ILYSM came with a strong focus on bringing creatives together on an online platform."

"Founder Alice Wang started ILYSM as a platform and a space for artists and creators as a brand that can help artists through collaboration."

"I now am someone who wears Tabis nearly every day, so do with that information what you will."

History of the Tabi

From Japanese manufacturers in the 1400s.

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We're committed to ethical low impact production and high impact initiatives, balancing quality and longevity of product with responsibly sourcing materials.

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Our mission is to financially support artists and give back to the creative community.

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Unbelievably Comfortable

I had bought a pair for a friend as a gift, and when they got delivered I sneaked wearing them for a few minutes. The second I put them on I immediately bought a pair for myself. Easily the most comfortable footwear I own… they are a marvel in footwear engineering. I almost refuse to take them off my feet.

Jesse A. united states

Split toe for comfort and mobility

Find out why once you go tabi you will never go back.

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